Classification Essay


Classification essay starts with an introductory paragraph. It discusses the purpose of this essay. You must write a captivating thesis statement to make your essay appealing and effective. It's your thesis statement that will show the purpose of your essay. So, don't take it lightly and take some time to write it in a very attractive manner.


After you finish writing the introductory paragraph, you will move on to the body paragraphs. This is where you will create categories and share your findings in relevant categories. Let's suppose you create three categories for your essay. You will now determine which category is most powerful and which one is the weakest. You will then discuss the weakest category first. The most effective category will be discussed at the end. As you must have guessed, every category that you create must be pertinent to the assigned topic. Adding an irrelevant category will cause more harm than good.


The last paragraph will analyse your classification essay. Make sure that this paragraph is not vague at all because this is the last paragraph and you don't want your readers to leave by thinking that you provided ambiguous information. Make this paragraph as clear and interesting as possible.

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