Argumentative Essay

Here are some tips to help you organise your argumentative essay:


This will be the first paragraph of your essay. In this paragraph you will mention the purpose of this essay. However, you must not share your personal opinion in this paragraph. You will only introduce the argument here.


This is the section where you will discuss the argument in detail. You can write several paragraphs to share your facts. In these paragraphs, you will attempt to prove why you are right and why the opposing view doesn't hold much weight.

Merely stating your opinion will not be beneficial at all. You must prove your point-of-view by referring to authentic publications, providing logical examples and sharing solid facts. If your essay doesn't contain these important things, you will fail to prove your argument.

Remember, each fact or argument must be discussed in a separate paragraph. If you have three things to share, you must write three separate paragraphs and dedicate each paragraph to one particular point.


This paragraph will complete your essay. Hence, you must share some of the important points briefly here. Don't just copy them from the body section.

Once the essay is done, you must read it carefully to determine if you have somehow left any holes in your work. You don't want to have any weakness in your paper that will allow the opposition to prove that you are actually wrong. You must critically analyse every single point to ensure your success.

Also, try to determine what sort of questions will rise after your essay is read. This way, you will be able to address those questions as well and make your paper really effective.

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