Admissions Essay


Here are some simple things to keep in mind to convince the evaluator that your application should be approved:

  • First thing first, read the instructions and understand the expectations of the committee. Follow every requirement in the best possible manner.
  • Present yourself as a positive individual. Institutes and companies tend to stay away from individuals who have a negative attitude. Avoid sharing bad experiences. However, don't hesitate to discuss how you deal when an adversity encounters.
  • Always avoid general statements. Remember, the committee is not interested in reading a speech. They are interested in learning about you. So, give them the information that will help them connect with you.
  • Remember…You must never over-write. Meaning, if you have been told to write a specific number of words, you must always follow the requirements instead of writing more. Your committee will not be impressed if you write more than what is actually required. They will not even bother reading it.
  • Share your experiences and accomplishments in a very smooth and appealing manner.
  • Discuss why you are interested in joining their institution.

These are some simple guidelines that will help you write your admissions essay in a very convincing and captivating manner.

Remember, it's a very important task so you must take it very seriously and you must be prepared to work very hard for it. This is the only way you can succeed.

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