5-Paragraph Essay


This is the first paragraph of your essay that will introduce the purpose of your paper. You can even use this paragraph to make a claim and then you can prove your claim in the subsequent paragraphs. Since this paragraph gives an overview and tells your reader what your essay is about, you must make it interesting or else your readers will not take interest in reading the rest.

This paragraph must be concluded with a powerful thesis statement. Your thesis statement will basically state what you aim to accomplish through your essay. If it's weak, your entire paper will look weak. If you want your readers to think that your essay is effective, then you must make your thesis statement effective.

Your 'Introduction' will either make or break your entire paper. So…Make it interesting.


After you share the purpose of your essay in the 1st paragraph, it's time you share evidence and facts & figures in the Body section. Since you have to write three paragraphs, you can easily share lots of information with your readers.

Make sure that you use each paragraph to discuss a unique point or fact. Don't just share everything at the same time. Make your paper smooth by providing relevant and solid information step-by-step.

The first body paragraph must be used to share the most powerful argument, example, point or fact. This practice will allow you to begin your argument in an authoritative manner.

You will discuss the 2nd most powerful argument in the second paragraph. Avoid sharing the same information that you have shared in the first paragraph. Make this paragraph unique and captivating.

The last body paragraph will discuss the last point. Remember, if you want your essay to look solid and effective, you must share factual, engaging and interesting information. Plus, this practice will help you improve your grades as well.


Conclusion is the 5th and last paragraph of your essay. It wraps up the whole thing. You don't have to summarize your essay in this paragraph. Instead, you must share the importance of your work and give some food-for-thought. This way, you will be able to complete your essay with optimum quality.

Facts & Figures